Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I believe

The other day I heard a song that I hadn't heard in a long time that really brought back memories for me, especially now. The song was "I Believe" by Diamond Rio. I have always love the song because I do believe that there are angels out there looking out for us. I never had given much thought to this when I was growing up until I was graduating from college in 2002. This was a special occasion to me because education is very important in my family. However there were two people I wanted to share that day with that was not there. I had lost my aunt the year before and my uncle only one month before. You may wonder where am I going with this well here it is. Since then I have gotten married and had two beautiful babies. Occasions that was miss by some loved ones who were no longer with us or well were unable to come because of health issues. I was sad that they were not able to be there but I believe they were looking down on me during these special times.

Over the last week and half I have seen my husband worry over his grandmother's health and I know he is scared of losing her. I have seen him mourn the death of his grandfather around the 2nd of June every year for the past five years. I also see his eyes light up when our son makes a face that reminds Tim of his grandfather. I believe that Bill is looking down on all of us.

My heart aches for Tim because I can feel his pain, I have lost so many loved ones that I have known, my aunt, uncle, a cousin, and many other family members including the great uncle I have lost today. Once who, not only did I share a birthday with but my middle name.

I believe that for all of us, our loved ones are watching over us and are still here with us in spirit.



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