Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I believe

The other day I heard a song that I hadn't heard in a long time that really brought back memories for me, especially now. The song was "I Believe" by Diamond Rio. I have always love the song because I do believe that there are angels out there looking out for us. I never had given much thought to this when I was growing up until I was graduating from college in 2002. This was a special occasion to me because education is very important in my family. However there were two people I wanted to share that day with that was not there. I had lost my aunt the year before and my uncle only one month before. You may wonder where am I going with this well here it is. Since then I have gotten married and had two beautiful babies. Occasions that was miss by some loved ones who were no longer with us or well were unable to come because of health issues. I was sad that they were not able to be there but I believe they were looking down on me during these special times.

Over the last week and half I have seen my husband worry over his grandmother's health and I know he is scared of losing her. I have seen him mourn the death of his grandfather around the 2nd of June every year for the past five years. I also see his eyes light up when our son makes a face that reminds Tim of his grandfather. I believe that Bill is looking down on all of us.

My heart aches for Tim because I can feel his pain, I have lost so many loved ones that I have known, my aunt, uncle, a cousin, and many other family members including the great uncle I have lost today. Once who, not only did I share a birthday with but my middle name.

I believe that for all of us, our loved ones are watching over us and are still here with us in spirit.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Dare

I wouldn't ever say that Tim and I have been in a rut with our marriage. I will say that over the last nine years together we may have taken advantage of each other. Last Sunday our Sundy School class started the Love Dare study. We have found that even through we love each other unconditionally, we just forgot about the little things that made us fall in love with each other. This study make us look deep into our selves and not into each other. the dares at the end of everyday make us so our spouse how important they are to us.
When I was so sick with both kids Tim was by my bedside everyday with the expection of when he had to be at work. When I was home on bedrest and/or light work he was there to make sure I was doing what the Dr. order. The whole time he made sure I would try to eat and drink even through we knew what would happen in the end (a visit to the bathroom/trash can). I know that he loves me. When we were dating and even while we were engaged he would surprise me with little romantic things. It seems like once we were married it stopped but I also stopped what romantic things that I would do for him. Now that we have two kids we are now having to relearn how to tell each other/show each how important we are to each other.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

Well spring break is almost over. We have enjoyed this week. The kids and Toni got to spend some over due time together and she was able to get in some studying. Tim worked Sun. thru Tues. and had the rest of the week off. We got the house in better order then what it was, we got the clothes that were too small for the kids packed up and stored. However we still need to go through their toys and pack up those items that they are too small for. Tim was able to in a few golf games in as well. Toni went out with her sister-in-law and caught a movie. This was a very good week that they just needed to get refreshed. Toni is taken her comps in two weeks and she is just a nervous wreck. The big news in the family is that a friend of Toni's is coming down to visit this summer, so Toni is ready to start planning for this friend's visit. They haven't seen each other in about 19 years. However they have always kept in touch. So far the family is doing well. Rebekah is doing well and loves being a big sister. Josh is trying to walk and is still discovering new things daily.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Over the last few weeks former classmates have been posting pictures of all of us from high school. How we have all changed. Some of us are not as small as before but for many of us it is from us being busy with work and raising a family of our own. Over the past 14 years new friendships have been formed or strenthened that was not there when we were in school. As we grow and become mature we don't always see things the same way as we once did.
It has been great reconnecting with old friends. We have found out that for many of us to fit in during our high school years we were afraid to come out of our shells.

Friday, March 6, 2009

How time fly by

Time sure is flying by in the Huddleston families. Josh is turing one next month and in a few months Bekah will be four. We can't get over how fast they are growing.

Rebekah had her first date last week. Her daddy took her to the Daddy/Daughter dinner/dance at church. She had a blast but spent most of the night dancing with her friends and not with her Daddy. He said he had to brib her to dance with her. All I can say was oh no it is starting already not wanting to be with her parents. I have posted pics of her on myspace and facebook. she was soo cute.

Tim is able to work extra hours at work due to some staff being out which is good for us. I had a very good visit with my Principal today after work. He wanted to know what my plans were for after graduration, and I of course was honest and said that I don't know that I will not move my family away from Canyon and just was looking in Canyon and Amarillo. I told him that I would stay at Tulia for as long as they want me there or until I can get closer to home. Too my surprise he was asking me about my health. I did tell him that the blood pressure was back to normal and I was on top of it. He seemed more concerned about how I was looking, saying I looked tired. Which is true but is due to lack of sleep and explained that my Dr. was helping me with that as well.

Once I get past my comps, I believe life will be better for us. On another note, I got to revisit so old memories thanks to an old friend who posted pics of us from high school. It was great looking at them but at the same time it made me miss those times, boy did I have fun back then. Of course I am have fun now with my life. Our kids just bring smiles to our face every moment of the day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting through another week.

Well last week was a busy week for us. Rebekah had the flu and I just wish I felt as good as she did when she was sick. We also brought us another family car, the one Tim's been driving as about to die so we traded that one in for a Yukon. We are doing well, Tim is staying busy with work and well this is the time of year for me to do ARDs, IEPs and give the ugly TAKS test. I
I am praying to get a job with Canyon ISD so that I can be closer to home and well the pay will be great. I have gotten half way through my hours for my intership and still have several papers to write and my comps to take in April. I would love to go on a plan the graduration party but I am scared of the comps.

I got to thinking on my way to work today about the past eight years. The reason I think was because graduration is coming up (if I pass the comps) and I was just think about some people who I was would be at my graduration that will not be there physically but they will be in spirit. By the way Denise if you are reading this post I would love for you to come, no matter who else shows up. I miss seeing my cousin. I guess a reason why I was thinking about the past is because of something that my mom told me, which was I had already done more then anyone ever imaging me doing. At first I took it the wrong way and after talking to Tim I realize that maybe she meant that they just never thought I would go after another degree and here I want not just one Master's degree but two. I know the money will just not be there but I will be happy. We will never be rich but I never have been. Hey I was a daughter of two teachers.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a weekend!!!

Okay first off I'm trying to take it easy but "it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks", not to say I'm old or anything. On Friday we took the kiddos to the circus. What an experience. Rebekah was soooo excited and wanted to see and do it all. Josh just loved looking at the lights and fell asleep during the last 1/2 of the show. Rebekah got to ride a pony and an elephant all by herself. Need we say how big she felt. Rebekah kept on asking about the lions but of course they didn't have any. Some of the outfits that the performers wore made you think you were at a Las Vegas show.
Saturday we just sit at home and did some cleaning and playing with the kids. Of course this was Tim's last day off before going back to work on Sunday. I don't want this weekend to end.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a week!

I think the Lord for my family and sometimes when they are honest it is brutel. I am in my last semester of Grad. school which means I have to do 75 hours of Diagnostician work on top of my teaching responsibilities. I also teach my daughter's Wednesday night class at church, keep up with a active infant and try to keep house. Needless to say I am also being treated by my OB/GYN for depression, which is not anything new since it runs in my family.

I am known for being independent and trying to do everything on my own. Needless to say I still am trying to do it all. This week I wrote down the wrong date for a important inserve so of course I went on the wrong day. I have manage to lock my son in the car at church and had to call the police or well a friend at church who is up high on the ladder of University PD call UPD for me.

Today I had my blood pressure checked at wrk just to humor a co-worker that was worried about how I was feeling. I normally run in the high 90s to about 105 on top. Don't ask me about my bottom number. Well when I had it checked it was 140/100. Which I guess is high because I was then sent home to see a doctor and when I got to the Dr. office my BP was 130/90, I know I'm under a lot of stress right now. I just think if I ask for help it will show that I'm either lazy or weak.

I feel like I am needing to prove to ALL of my family (immediate and extended) that I am a hard worker, caring person and a great wife, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, neice, granddaughter, sister.



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