Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What a week!

I think the Lord for my family and sometimes when they are honest it is brutel. I am in my last semester of Grad. school which means I have to do 75 hours of Diagnostician work on top of my teaching responsibilities. I also teach my daughter's Wednesday night class at church, keep up with a active infant and try to keep house. Needless to say I am also being treated by my OB/GYN for depression, which is not anything new since it runs in my family.

I am known for being independent and trying to do everything on my own. Needless to say I still am trying to do it all. This week I wrote down the wrong date for a important inserve so of course I went on the wrong day. I have manage to lock my son in the car at church and had to call the police or well a friend at church who is up high on the ladder of University PD call UPD for me.

Today I had my blood pressure checked at wrk just to humor a co-worker that was worried about how I was feeling. I normally run in the high 90s to about 105 on top. Don't ask me about my bottom number. Well when I had it checked it was 140/100. Which I guess is high because I was then sent home to see a doctor and when I got to the Dr. office my BP was 130/90, I know I'm under a lot of stress right now. I just think if I ask for help it will show that I'm either lazy or weak.

I feel like I am needing to prove to ALL of my family (immediate and extended) that I am a hard worker, caring person and a great wife, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, neice, granddaughter, sister.


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