Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Getting through another week.

Well last week was a busy week for us. Rebekah had the flu and I just wish I felt as good as she did when she was sick. We also brought us another family car, the one Tim's been driving as about to die so we traded that one in for a Yukon. We are doing well, Tim is staying busy with work and well this is the time of year for me to do ARDs, IEPs and give the ugly TAKS test. I
I am praying to get a job with Canyon ISD so that I can be closer to home and well the pay will be great. I have gotten half way through my hours for my intership and still have several papers to write and my comps to take in April. I would love to go on a plan the graduration party but I am scared of the comps.

I got to thinking on my way to work today about the past eight years. The reason I think was because graduration is coming up (if I pass the comps) and I was just think about some people who I was would be at my graduration that will not be there physically but they will be in spirit. By the way Denise if you are reading this post I would love for you to come, no matter who else shows up. I miss seeing my cousin. I guess a reason why I was thinking about the past is because of something that my mom told me, which was I had already done more then anyone ever imaging me doing. At first I took it the wrong way and after talking to Tim I realize that maybe she meant that they just never thought I would go after another degree and here I want not just one Master's degree but two. I know the money will just not be there but I will be happy. We will never be rich but I never have been. Hey I was a daughter of two teachers.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What a weekend!!!

Okay first off I'm trying to take it easy but "it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks", not to say I'm old or anything. On Friday we took the kiddos to the circus. What an experience. Rebekah was soooo excited and wanted to see and do it all. Josh just loved looking at the lights and fell asleep during the last 1/2 of the show. Rebekah got to ride a pony and an elephant all by herself. Need we say how big she felt. Rebekah kept on asking about the lions but of course they didn't have any. Some of the outfits that the performers wore made you think you were at a Las Vegas show.
Saturday we just sit at home and did some cleaning and playing with the kids. Of course this was Tim's last day off before going back to work on Sunday. I don't want this weekend to end.



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