Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love Dare

I wouldn't ever say that Tim and I have been in a rut with our marriage. I will say that over the last nine years together we may have taken advantage of each other. Last Sunday our Sundy School class started the Love Dare study. We have found that even through we love each other unconditionally, we just forgot about the little things that made us fall in love with each other. This study make us look deep into our selves and not into each other. the dares at the end of everyday make us so our spouse how important they are to us.
When I was so sick with both kids Tim was by my bedside everyday with the expection of when he had to be at work. When I was home on bedrest and/or light work he was there to make sure I was doing what the Dr. order. The whole time he made sure I would try to eat and drink even through we knew what would happen in the end (a visit to the bathroom/trash can). I know that he loves me. When we were dating and even while we were engaged he would surprise me with little romantic things. It seems like once we were married it stopped but I also stopped what romantic things that I would do for him. Now that we have two kids we are now having to relearn how to tell each other/show each how important we are to each other.


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