Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well summer is at an end but it was a great summer for the Huddleston family. We went to the lake a few weeks after school was out for a family reunion. It was great watching the kids interact with my cousins kids.
We then came home only to get ready for Rebekah's birthday. We still can't believe she is five now. Where did the time go, it just seems like yesterday we were in the hospital having her.
Well we left for the river the day after her party and spent a week with my brother and his family. We all had so much fun and Josh got to float the river for the first time and fell asleep. Both kids love the water and Josh was still curious about his baby cousin and wasn't to sure of his momma holding the baby.
We left to head home on Rebekah's real birthday and got back in time to take her out to eat with some wonderful friends. The next day we got to celebrate the 4th of July (on the 3rd) in the rain but the kids enjoyed the parade with or without the rain.
A few weeks later we went to Abilene and had a nice visit with some family and I got to see my cousin from AZ that I haven't seen in about 9 years. It was a great visit.
At the end of July Tim and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and enjoyed a nice dinner at a wonder steakhouse and a movie, we saw Grownups.
This month we have spent the time getting ready for me to go back to work and for Rebekah to go to Kinder. She enjoyed the school clothes shopping, I think a little to much. We got her registured for school and now we are just waiting to see who is her teacher. As far as we know she will still be recieving speech services at school and will know more when we have her ARD next month. I am going to try to attend this one since we will find out more about if she will recieve services throughout the school year. In the past Tim just went but I have so many question.
I think Josh is looking forward being at the sitter without sister there most of the day. Our sitter will still take Rebekah to and from school. We have been so blessed by her.
I hope everyone had a great summer. We have one more quick trip to Abilene and then we are done with our vacations for a few months.



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