Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

Well spring break is almost over. We have enjoyed this week. The kids and Toni got to spend some over due time together and she was able to get in some studying. Tim worked Sun. thru Tues. and had the rest of the week off. We got the house in better order then what it was, we got the clothes that were too small for the kids packed up and stored. However we still need to go through their toys and pack up those items that they are too small for. Tim was able to in a few golf games in as well. Toni went out with her sister-in-law and caught a movie. This was a very good week that they just needed to get refreshed. Toni is taken her comps in two weeks and she is just a nervous wreck. The big news in the family is that a friend of Toni's is coming down to visit this summer, so Toni is ready to start planning for this friend's visit. They haven't seen each other in about 19 years. However they have always kept in touch. So far the family is doing well. Rebekah is doing well and loves being a big sister. Josh is trying to walk and is still discovering new things daily.

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