Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On the road to a new me.

Next to getting married to a wonderful guy, my kids are the best things that have ever happened to me. This summer I took a very long look in the mirror and was not very happy with what I saw. I'm sure I will never be the 120lb girl I was in 16 years ago but I can try to get as close as I can. I want to be someone that my kids are not embassered to say hey this is my mom. I also know that in many cases weight can (not suppose to but can) interfer with getting a job. I want to get on in Canyon and a job in the area of my Master's Degree. Most importantly I want to look in the mirror and be proud of the way I look. With all of this said I'm going to try to blog about how I'm doing on my weight loss. Maybe it will also help me stay on track. I stated this journey 6 weeks ago and have so far lost 16 lbs. YES I said 16 lbs and even though I still can't see any difference I know it is working. The good news is I'm not alone on this journey my wonderful husband is doing it with me and I'm proud to say he is down about 29 lbs. I've also started about a month ago going to the gym at the college to workout, if you call walking on the treadmill working out. LOL!!! I have noticed that since going on this weight loss journey I am starting to find my lost self- confident and a skip in my walk. So hold on tight I think this will be a great ride.

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Crystal Phares said...

I need to start the program again. We were doing it and things were going very well, then life happened and we quit. I'd lost 30 pounds and Rusty had lost much more. Maybe we can all help each other and be a support system.


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