Saturday, November 6, 2010

After 14 weeks

Okay so after 14 weeks, I have lost 32lbs and it looks like I'm almost done another pant size. So far I started out weighing 224.5 lbs and wearing size 18 pants and dresses. I'm now 192.5 lbs and wearing size 16 in both pants and dresses. Tomorrow I will weigh again and I am hopeful that I will be down another 2 lbs and since my pants are now loose, I may try to see if I can wear a size 14. I have also thought about going to second hand stores to buy some clothes or Wal-Mart because I'm losing the weight fast enough that I don't think I can get much use out of buying my clothes at my regular stores (Bealls, JcPennys, Kohls, ect...). Which this is good news and I plan on just getting enough to get me through a week.

I'm so proud of myself. Many people don't understand that I have always thought of myself fat even when I was at 125 lbs my senior year of high school. Monday at work the P.E. teacher and a good friend of mine gave me the biggest compliment. She asked me if I has seen the pictures the boss' coffee mug (we gave him a coffee mug that had all of the staffs' pictures on it, its a joke since he is the only male at the school). I told her no because I hate looking at pictures of myself post high school because I got so huge. She told me to look because it should encourage me to continue doing what I'm doing. Needless to say I just took her word for it. I do plan on finding a picture from before I started losing weight and take a picture once I've lost 40 lbs and then again at 80 lbs and if it looks like I could lose more I may try to lose 100 and take a picture then but I've been told that I would look great after I've lost 80 lbs and that another 20 may make me look sick.

Well I will keep you posted.

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