Saturday, November 6, 2010

After 14 weeks

Okay so after 14 weeks, I have lost 32lbs and it looks like I'm almost done another pant size. So far I started out weighing 224.5 lbs and wearing size 18 pants and dresses. I'm now 192.5 lbs and wearing size 16 in both pants and dresses. Tomorrow I will weigh again and I am hopeful that I will be down another 2 lbs and since my pants are now loose, I may try to see if I can wear a size 14. I have also thought about going to second hand stores to buy some clothes or Wal-Mart because I'm losing the weight fast enough that I don't think I can get much use out of buying my clothes at my regular stores (Bealls, JcPennys, Kohls, ect...). Which this is good news and I plan on just getting enough to get me through a week.

I'm so proud of myself. Many people don't understand that I have always thought of myself fat even when I was at 125 lbs my senior year of high school. Monday at work the P.E. teacher and a good friend of mine gave me the biggest compliment. She asked me if I has seen the pictures the boss' coffee mug (we gave him a coffee mug that had all of the staffs' pictures on it, its a joke since he is the only male at the school). I told her no because I hate looking at pictures of myself post high school because I got so huge. She told me to look because it should encourage me to continue doing what I'm doing. Needless to say I just took her word for it. I do plan on finding a picture from before I started losing weight and take a picture once I've lost 40 lbs and then again at 80 lbs and if it looks like I could lose more I may try to lose 100 and take a picture then but I've been told that I would look great after I've lost 80 lbs and that another 20 may make me look sick.

Well I will keep you posted.

How they grow-up!

Well Rebekah has finish her second six-week of school. She actually did a lot better then last six-week. She only got an orange slip twice this time instead of the nine times last time. (An orange slip is actually a detention slip, which the child has to miss their recess due to behavior. The student gets three warnings before they get a detention and sometimes they can get multiple slips.) I think we have found a good way of rewarding her, which is getting to go get ice-cream with her dad after school on Friday if she was good the whole week.

We are working on reading now. I've never taught a student how to read at this level so this is also a learning experience for me as well. I did find out that her class is behind the others but I am not going to worry to much because we have made the decision to work harder at home, which may cause her to get a head of her class but at the same time I think it will help her in the long run. Rebekah is doing well in school and I think so far is math and reading.

She is now finished with soccer until the spring, so now we are focusing totally on dance. She loves dance and is always asking if I ever took dance, which I did. Mom and I gave her my old shoes and tutus to play with.

Josh is doing wonderful but is getting spoiled by the sitter since he is her only full time child. I think he loves it because he hardly ever gets someone's full attention. He is still too young for sports but we plan on getting him into soccer next year and go from there. We weighed him last week at home and he was 30 lbs which is 5 lbs less then his 5 year old sister. He has started talking more but we are still monitoring him because on his birthday we can have him tested to see if he needs to recieve services from Canyon ISD. We really hope he doesn't and we still have plenty of time.

Josh also is trying to be just as independent as his sister and gets upset when he can't do what she is doing. I don't think he understands that just because he is almost as tall as she is, that he still isn't old enough. Now if we could just get him potty trained I will be a happy mom.


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